-La Passion c'est Quoi?-

-What is Passion?-

April 2021 Body of Work 

I named my new collection “C'est quoi la Passion” | “What's Passion?” after my burning desire to paint. This new collection is completely free. My goal was to follow my heart without limitations. I also wanted to dig deeper into the concept of passion within my art and beyond to connect with you, and your burning desires. When I started painting this collection three strong emotions came up: crazy love, obsession, and untamed explosive emotions. I translated these emotions into colors, gestures, shapes, and patterns. I poured my love into these pieces by writing and painting from my heart. The expression of love is very raw and primitive. You'll encounter lots of similar patterns and explosive colors. The patterns are abstract flowers, grids, scribbles, dots… And the colors are powerfully bright and represent how my passion was manifesting herself that minute. And yes, passion is a woman!

Paper Series 


Petits & Grands