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My name is Manaz Raiszadeh and I am an explorer. I have been exploring and discovering our world and myself through my art since 2017. I see myself as a traveling and always evolving bubble of energy. I was born and raised in lovely Normandie, France, and made my way to sunny San Diego, CA. My parents are from the forgotten and beautiful streets of Kabul, Afghanistan. My paintings tell the stories that my words cannot tell. I am fascinated by the places we have been and the stories we are told. Painting brings my stories into life and eternalizes them. I paint to challenge myself to share my stories with the world. I can sense my vulnerability and insecurities through my art, and it's humbling to get them out. The universe gifted me a French edge, a Californian dream and some hot boiling Afghan blood. Art is my way to share a bit of myself with the world and to show gratefulness to the universe. Acrylic and mixed-media mediums connect and help me share my art. I enjoy the natural, unexpected and flexible aspects of these mediums. I am currently a mentored student at Arton30th in San Diego, CA , where my art is featured monthly. I am blessed to create daily from my home studio. Painting connects me to the universe and you can never be connected enough.

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