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Bold & Fearless Women

8 mini pieces inspired by the infinite power of women. Women through time have shown bold and fearless actions that embody love, passion, grit, genius, and magical strength. I have been inspired to be bold and fearless on the canvas through these amazing 8 women and I wanted to share a token of it with you. Why 8? Why these women? 8 is a number that symbolizes infinity. I strongly believe that women have infinite powers. I picked up a book about women's history and these women spoke to me. I am hoping to spread more bold and fearless feminine energy through these mini canvases.

-Manaz Raiszadeh

P.S: I am a strong believer in balance between feminine and masculine energy - but we all know that women icons need more light. 

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

For fun... and Amour!

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